Visit our client portal to access secure case documents and streamline communication.

Our secure client portable is accessible online 24/7. Clients are able to share case information, view billing, and communicate through the client portal. All communication will take place through the portal. 

How It Works

Log-in to MyCaseView Documents, Calendars, and Billing regarding your case. 

MyCase saves you time and stress, while enhancing communication, efficiency, and convenience. 

Centralized Client Communication

The MyCase Client Portal allows for effortless message and document sharing, upcoming event notifications, and file storage for easy accessibility to records. 

2-Way Text Message

The 2-Way Messaging allows us to conveniently communicate and ensure quick message receiving and response rates.

Easy, Instant File Sharing

Easily upload documents and case files. Commenting on documents is available for collaboration purposes. 

Send Invoices In A Flash

LawPay provides easy-to-use and secure payment solutions, allowing you to pay with just a quick.

Client Portal Security

With secure payment solutions and a secure client portal, LawPay provides data security and eliminates risk.